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Make Your Relationship with Your Principals
a Partnership from which You Will Both Benefit

Partnerships Are
You Will Get in
Direct Proportion
to What You

Manufacturers’ reps who develop genuine, long-term partnerships with their principals benefit greatly from that relationship.

Feedback: Manufacturers are very receptive to any feedback their reps can provide, as long as that feedback is provided in a positive and professional manner. That includes reporting back on your follow-up activities for any lead your receive from a principal, or rating your principal’s products, services and business practices. For example, if one principal is not providing the detail of product specifications that customers and prospects need, share with that principal what other companies are doing in that area.

Sales and Marketing Input: Tell a principal what you like and do not like about its website, sales literature and marketing materials. Recommend a trade show or conference they should be attending, or a trade magazine or industry directory in which they should be advertising. If you are not receiving the support you need, don’t complain about lack of support. Tell your principals exactly what you need from them!

Field Intelligence: As front line soldiers, reps often are the first to learn about plant closings or re-openings, as well as plans for new facilities. When a customer or prospect makes a major change-they drop or add a product line, or change a production process-feed that back to your principals. Be a resource to your principals, and they will be a resource for you!

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